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Athens Friendly Inter-Club, KLTK vs TATOΪ Club

15th - 17th of October 2020



TATOΪ Club: One of the nicest private member clubs in the world! designed as a wellness and health club. You will stay in a private on-site guest house (hotel type rooms with twin beds or double beds for single occupancy) with a fantastic shared living area; TATOΪ Club has a lovely restaurant serving balanced, healthy and delicious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything at TATOΪ Club is to a high standard, the perfect location for this fun and friendly inter-club.


Distance from Athens airport - Club: 30 minutes.


Group size: 12 players + 1 travel coach/organiser.


Direct flight with SAS:

THU 15th OCT 07.15 - 11.55            

SAT 17th OCT 22.15 - 00:50 (+1)


Trip concept: TATOΪ Club has kindly invited KLTK members to visit. CST will be packaging the trip as KLTK’s official travel supplier. We are looking for a team of 12 players to participate in this fun tennis event (this time we will focus on doubles only). We will have the opportunity to practice and play friendly Inter-club doubles matches against players of a similar level. KLTK has organised similar events with other tennis clubs in the past that were great fun. We expect the same success with this Inter-club to Athens. 


Tennis program: 

17th: 15.00-17.00, team practice on 3 courts.

18th: 08.30-09.30, team warmup on 3 courts. 9.30 onward inter-club matches (ending around lunch)

19th: 08.30-09.30, team warmup on 3 courts. 9.30 onward inter-club matches (ending around lunch)


Price: 12.900kr, including all taxes, direct flight with SAS, airport transfers, 2 nights shared accommodation with breakfast (x2) and lunch (x2), all fees related to the tennis. +3.000kr single occupancy supplement (only 3 available).

Payment terms: 12.900kr to be invoiced upon signing-in. 



This page is for information purposes only, please sign up on the KLTK website to confirm your seat on this trip.



Please read these terms carefully:


CST (Beaton International AB) is a Swedish Tour Operator. As a customer, you are protected by the Package Travel Directive. This means that if a travel package purchased is not executed, within reason, as stated in the travel information, the customer is entitled to refunds. As a customer, it is good to know that Beaton International AB has a “Resegaranti” required by Kammarkollegiet to guarantee client funds in the case of bankruptcy.


COVID-19: CST will follow the recommendations of the Foreign Ministry (UD). If the Foreign Ministry recommends against travel (during the trip dates), then the entire trip (in this case KLTK vs Club TATOI) will be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund.


Insurance: We strongly suggest that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover all aspects of this trip including loss of funds through cancellations, loss of baggage and personal items, personal injury and death, inclement weather clause, pre-existing medical condition waiver.


Cancelling after payment: CST will try to find an appropriate substitution, with focus on finding someone with the correct “tennis fit.” If this is the case, a refund/part refund is possible, if this is not possible, no refund will be given, the full amount of the trip will be charged, this decision is 100% up to CST. As a consumer, you are responsible for purchasing your own insurance for this type of cancellation.


In the case of rain or bad weather: CST and the tennis club will be as flexible as possible to complete the tennis program. The club has promised CST that in the case of rain, for example, for the entire trip, 50% of the program is guaranteed. In the case of severe rain or bad weather, court fees will be refunded; this will be a small amount and a small percentage considering the total trip cost. You will be refunded the full amount that CST is repaid, and it is obvious that such expenses such as flights, transport etc. will not. 


Program rescheduling: Due to this being a group activity the program is set, if you decide to skip or not participate in a tennis session, this session is lost, and there is no possibility to reschedule.


 CST is not liable for injuries of any kind caused by any sports activity during this trip. By signing up for this trip, you understand that there is a certain level of fitness and health required to safely execute this sport program.


 CST is not responsible for personal property damage nor personal property theft at any time before, during, or after this trip.


 CST is not responsible for changes to the program due to third parties such as SAS; however, as mentioned above, flexibility will be provided wherever possible. 


 CST is not directly responsible for flight rescheduling nor cancellations. You must follow the recommendations and procedures of the airline. CST will be helping you with this procedure. 


Some photos may be taken during this trip by Joe Beaton or travel coaches, by participating on this trip you accept that some of these photos may be used on the KLTK website, the CST website and/or on some social media platforms.



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