Please read these terms carefully: 


  1. In the case of severe illness or injury of either Pim-Pim or Leif, preventing travel: You will receive a discount of 25% per traveling coach (if both are seriously injured or ill you will receive a 50% discount). The tennis program will be executed as stated in the brochure, but with replacement coaches. 

  2. In the case of rain or bad weather: There will be as much flexibility as possible provided by CST, the traveling coaches, and the tennis resort. In the case of rain or bad weather you will be able to use the club gym and hotel facilities such as the spa (extra cost), no alternative program nor tennis program will be provided. Some court fees and hitter fees may be refunded; however, this will be a small amount (a few thousand Kronor). 

  3. In the event of you canceling after full payment: CST will try to find an appropriate substitution, with focus on finding someone with the correct “tennis fit.” If this is the case, a refund is possible, if a person is not found then no refund will be given. This decision in 100% up to CST Tennis Travel. Returns will only be considered with 12 full-paying clients. 

  4. Tennis program rescheduling: Due to this being a group activity the tennis program is set, if you decide to skip or not participate in a tennis session, this session is lost, and there is no possibility to reschedule. 

  5. Some photos may be taken during this trip by Joe Beaton, by participating on this trip you accept that some of these photos may be used on the CST website and/or on some social media platforms. 

  6. We strongly suggest that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover all aspects of this trip including loss of deposit through cancellations, loss of baggage and personal items, personal injury and death, inclement weather clause, pre-existing medical condition waiver.

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