1st - 4th of October 2020



Kfar Maccabiah Hotel & Suites: You will stay in the five-star suite part of the hotel, in the best rooms, the suites. The Kfar Maccabiah is ideally located close to the Ramat Gan National Park and Safari Park in the centre of “Gush Dan”, and close to all of Israel’s main access routes. 10 minute from the centre of Tel Aviv and 20 minutes from the airport. 



Tennis courts: This tennis club is on-site, 14 courts, this time we will play on hard court. 



Google maps hotel location: LINK



Distance from Tel Aviv airport - Hotel: 20 minutes.



Group size: 12 players + 2 travel coaches (Joe and Tryggve)



Direct flight with Norwegian:

THU 1st OCT ARN 06.10 - TLV 11.45            

SUN 4th OCT TLV 13.50 - ARN 17:40 



Tennis program: 12 hours per person on court, split between high energy coaching and match practice.               


-Day 1: 15.00-17.00 or 17.00-19.00 (3 players + coach)

-Day 2 and 3: 9.00-11.00 or 11.00-13.00 (3 players + coach) + 16.00-18.00 (everyone on 3 courts)

-Day 4: 8.00-10.00 (everyone on 3 courts)



Price: 16.500kr, including direct flight with Norwegian, airport transfer, three nights suite (shared), all fees related to the tennis and coaching program. This price is based on 12 full-paying travellers, if this amount changes, then the price of the trip would also change. 


Please read these terms carefully:


1. In the case of rain or bad weather: There will be as much flexibility as possible provided by CST and the tennis resort to complete the tennis program, however no alternative program nor tennis program with be provided. No refunds in this case on this trip according to the tennis club terms. 


2. In the event of cancellation: You are along with the group responsible for finding a replacement. If you find a replacement all payments are refundable, if not then the pending amount will need to be paid individually (by the person pulling out) or shared by the group and split equally between the remaining participants. 


3. Tennis program rescheduling: Due to this being a group activity the tennis program is set, if you decide to skip or not participate in a tennis session, this session is lost, and there is no possibility to reschedule.


4. CST is not liable for injuries of any kind caused by any sports activity during this trip. By signing up for this trip, you understand that there is a certain level of fitness and heath required to execute this sport program safely.


5. CST is not responsible for personal property damage nor personal property theft at any time before, during or after this trip. 


7. CST is not responsible for changes to the program due to third parties such as SAS or Norwegian airline; however, as mentioned above, flexibility will be provided wherever possible. 


8. CST is not directly responsible for flight rescheduling nor cancellations. You must follow the recommendations and procedures of the airline. CST will be helping you with this procedure.


9. We strongly suggest that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover all aspects of this trip including loss of deposit through cancellations, loss of baggage and personal items, personal injury and death, inclement weather clause, pre-existing medical condition waiver.


10. Some photos may be taken during this trip by Joe Beaton, by participating on this trip you accept that some of these photos may be used on the CST website and/or on some social media platforms.