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Anyone can dream up a great tennis holiday. But it can be hard work to make it happen - and to find a travel agent who truly specialises in this field? At CST, we carefully select the world's best hotels and tennis clubs for you. To organise an outstanding vacation, you need to understand tennis. We live tennis.


Our considerable experience, broad international network and detailed local knowledge enable us to plan everything meticulously, right down to the last small detail. By leaving the practical details to us, you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum, in the knowledge that you will be experiencing the most excellent standards and the warmest local hospitality.





This is the story of CST and how it all started. My name is Joe Beaton. I have been a professional tennis coach for nearly two decades. Born in Hong Kong, moving to Dubai in 1986 and then on to Spain in 1991, you could say that travel has always been in my blood.


I started working in select tennis clubs in Spain where I grew up and played tennis at competition level, coaching players of all levels and taking care of tennis groups from all over the world.


Until recently, I have been head coach at The Royal Tennis Club of Stockholm where I enjoyed many years of coaching and being involved with the organisation of many club activities and events. 


One particularly appreciated and increasingly popular activity at The Royal Tennis Club has been tennis trips abroad. A group of players travel to a tennis club abroad where I look after all their tennis needs. At first, I organised these tours in collaboration with local travel companies. However, a logical and predictable move was for me to start my own travel company. 


With this idea, I created CST, a limited company (Beaton International AB) based in Sweden.



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