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Since 2012 Custom Sport Tours, now better known as CST, has become a strong sport travel brand. Offering a superior travel service to tennis groups.  


We are excited that the future looks bright, it is clear that our clients are enjoying and appreciating our high level of service.


Padel Tennis is becoming a popular sport in Sweden, CST Padel Travel is now offering high quality and competitive packages to private groups and padel clubs to exciting destinations. 


Our padel trips will follow the same concept as always; you will not need to plan a thing, CST Padel Travel will organise everything for you, right down to the smallest details. 


For more about us, please see our tennis site CSTTennisTravel.



-Flight bookings.


-Personalised itineraries with detailed padel programmes.


-Transportation during your stay, minibus with a private driver.


-Hotel bookings with breakfast. 


-Professional player/coach bookings.


-Court bookings and tournament organising.


-Tickets to major padel tournaments.


-Table reservations at the very best restaurants.


-24-hour helpline with local contact: We are on-call 24 hours a day while you are at the resort and available to answer your questions or help in any way we can. 


You can enjoy peace of mind when you book with CST.

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