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22nd - 25th, November



Rubin's Friends schedule



22nd of November


07.50 Flight departure from ARN - 13.30 Arrival to BIO.

14.00 Meet and greet with Joe + private transfer to Arima Hotel (50 minutes).

16.00 Meet in reception for a 30-40 minute shakeout run and stretch.

18.00 Hotel bar (located on -1, walk through Missouri Restaurant).

20.30 Dinner at Restaurant Saltxipi LINK (shared starters and main dishes). The total bill to be split equally between the number of participants. In some cases having cash in hand can speed up the payment process. 


Local taxi phone number (Vallina Teletaxi): 0034943404040



23rd of November


7.00 Breakfast

9.00 Meet in reception for a 30-40 minute shakeout run and stretch.

11.00 Collection of bibs and chips from Joe at the Hotel (-1 "Sala Magnolia") + free time to go to town/expo/work.

16.30 Meet in reception for a 30-minute run and stretch with Group Hansen.

18.00 Hotel bar (located on -1, walk through Missouri Restaurant).

19.00 Dinner at the Hotel, located on -2, private room (see attached PDF, unless we are notified we assume attendance and acceptance of menu from everyone in this group). 



24th of November


Breakfast 06.45 onward.

7.45 Run to start for the 10km/half marathon athletes (start is 8:40am/9:00am)

7.45 Walk to start for marathon athletes (start 9:00 am)

14.30-15.30 Meet in the hotel reception area for a celebration drinks.

18.00 Meet in the hotel bar for pre-drinks before celebration dinner.

19.30 Onward taxis will leave from the hotel reception. 

20.30 Dinner at Txuleta Restaurant with Group Hansen LINK (shared starters + a la carte main) fun and traditional end to the trip!



25th of November


8.15 Meet in hotel reception ready to leave.

8.30 Transfer leaves from the Hotel to Bilbao Airport (Flight departing 11.35)




Participation list, rooming and race:


  1. Mr. Jan Åkesson (M)

  2. Mr. Stefan Linder (H)

  3. Mr. Mikael Nelsson (H)

  4. Mr. Malcolm Wiberg (H)

  5. Mr. Julian Jonsson (H)

  6. Mr. Johan Sidenmark (10K)

  7. Mr. Christofer Salmén (H)

  8. Mr. Theo Lindqvist (M)

  9. Mr. Fredrik Lundberg (M)

  10. Mr. Johannes Lien (H)

  11. Ms. Katarina Woxnerud (M)

  12. Mr. Johan Heverius (M)

  13. Ms. Maria Allebring (10K)

  14. Mr. Erik Tregaard (M) (23rd and 24th) 

  15. Ms. Maria Åhr (H) and Ms. Jessica Didrikson (H)

  16. Mr. Goran Mandorff (M) and Mr. Bo Soder (M)

  17. Mr. Erik Hjelmsted (M) and Mr. Carl Eneroth (H)

  18. Mr. Goran Stromstedt (M) and Mr. Micke Johansson (M)

  19. Mr. Jesper Eliason (H) and Mr. Johan Sjöqvist (M)

  20. Mr. Thomas Noroxe (M) and Mr. Andreas Ossmark (H)

  21. Mr. Erik Thedéen (M) and Mr. Henrik Eklund (H)

  22. Mr. Thomas Hvitfeldt (H) and Ms. Catti Lindström (H)

  23. Ms. Lena Sofia Orn (H) and Ms. Helena Bjälkemo (H)

  24. Mr. Leo Heemskerk (M) and Mr. Tom Hansson (M)



Travel coaches


Lena Örn (H), Catti Lindström (H) and Rubin McRae (H).



We are all looking forward!




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