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22nd - 25th, November



Hansen schedule



23rd November


07.55 Flight departure from ARN - 13.30 Arrival to Bilbao.

14.00 Meet and greet with Joe + private transfer to Arima Hotel (50 minutes).

15.00 Check-in and collection of bibs and chips from Joe and Rubin (reception area).

16:30 Meet in reception for a 30-40 minute shakeout run and stretch with Group Rubin’s Friends. 18.00 Hotel bar (located on -1, walkthrough Missouri Restaurant).

20.30 Dinner at Bodegon Alejandro LINK (set menu, number 3).


Local taxi phone number (Vallina Teletaxi)0034943404040



24th November


06.45 onward, breakfast.

7:45 Run to start for the 10km/half marathon athletes (start is 8:40am/9:00am).

7:45 Walk to start for marathon athletes (start 9:00 am).

After race meeting point: XANTI Cafe/bar (50m for finish line)

13.30 Lunch at Fuego Negro LINK (set tasting menu). 30min walk from Xanti.

18:00 Meet in the hotel bar for pre-drinks before celebration dinner.

19.30 Onward taxis will leave from the hotel reception. 

20.30 Dinner at Txuleta Restaurant with Group Rubin’s Friends LINK (shared starters + a la carte main) fun and a traditional end to the trip!



25th November


8.30 Meet in the hotel lobby for a 30-minute jog and stretch (optional).

10.00 Meet in hotel reception ready to leave.

10.15 Transfer leaves from the hotel to Bilbao Airport (Flight departing 13.10).




Participation list, rooming and race:


  1. Mr. Mattias Björk (M)

  2. Ms. Charlotta Grähs (M)

  3. Mr. Peter Rabe (M)

  4. Ms. Malin Löveborg (H)

  5. Mr. David Strömwall (M)

  6. Ms. Elise Kielos (10K) and Ms. Klara Granström (10K)

  7. Ms. Charlotta Theresia Edvinsson (10K) and Ms. Hedda Ektander (10K)

  8. Ms. Leisel Björk (10K) and Ms. Josefin Högsander (10K)

  9. Mr. Erik Bergerståhl (H) and Mr. Stefan Erlandsson (H)

  10. Mr. Krister Hansen (H) and Stefan Nilson (M)

  11. Ms. Malin Jansson (H) and Ms. Erica Svennar (H)

  12. Mr. André Zester (H) and Mr. Oscar Claeson (M)

  13. Mr. Johan Lidström (10K) and Mr. David Hollsten (M)



Travel coaches


Lena Örn (H), Catti Lindström (H) and Rubin McRae (H)



We are all looking forward!