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EY Triathlon Challenge - IronMan 70.3 Erkner

Thursday 8th or Friday 9th - Monday 12th of September 2022

Updates will be made to this page before and during the trip



Tuesday 6th of September: 

Bike transportation drop-off: Those that have booked bike transportation with CST must pack the race bike accordingly (in a travel bag); the drop location is the UT headquarters (Järnvägsgatan 2c, 163 71 Solna) between 9.00-10.00 (note that at 10.00 on this same day the van will leave)​. FYI we are using JETPACK for this service; the bikes will arrive at our hotel in Erkner during the day on the 8th. 


Thursday 8th: 

Stockholm: Arrival on flight SK2677 to Berlin 11.25, private transfer will take you directly to the hotel, I will be on this same flight and connect us with the driver. 

Gothenburg: Parking is free of charge in front of the hotel. Guests take a ticket from the machine and then must show this ticket to reception to receive a free "coupon".

Hotel: The hotel has all your details, all you need to do is approach reception and leave a CC for any extras. 

Hotel Spree-idyll: Müggelseedamm 70, 12587 Berlin.

Bikes: Selby arrives on SK2677, When the bikes arrive to the hotel he will help you to get them Race Ready!

Dinner: 20.00, Restaurant Sol Marina (next door to the hotel).

UT Warm-up program: Easy run 30 minutes, then 5 mins at half-marathon pace + 6 x 100m strides. 

Friday 9th: 

Stockholm: Arrival on flight SK2677 to Berlin 11.25, private transfer will take you directly to the hotel, I will update later on with a meeting point.

Dinner: 20.00, Restaurant Ehrlich (Josef-Nawrocki-Str. 16, 12587 Berlin).

UT warm-up program: Bike part of the race course 30-45km easy pace / 16.00 swim session 40 minutes - working on sighting.

Saturday 10th

Bike Check-in: 16.00-20.00 Bike or drive to Sports Center Erkner.

Dinner at Hotel: 19.00, Restaurant Sol Marina (next door to the hotel).

UT warm-up program: Easy run 30 minutes, then strides. Swim course 30 minutes. 


Sunday 11th

Breakfast: 05.30 at hotel. 

Transfer: 05.50 to Sports Center Erkner.

Drop-off bag: 06.30-07.30.

Start IRONMAN 70.30: 08.00-08.45.

Bike check-out: 14.30-18.00.

Celebration dinner: 20.00, Restaurant Braeustuebl-Mueggelsee (close to Ehrlich).

Link to official IRONMAN schedule LINK.

Monday 12th

Bike transport: 08.45 those that have booked bike transportation with CST must pack the race bike accordingly (in a travel bag); JETPACK van leaves from the hotel at 09.00.

Airport transfer: 09.00 departure from hotel for those leaving on SK2678 to Stockholm at 12.00.

Wednesday 14th: 

Bike transportation pick-up: UT headquarters (Järnvägsgatan 2c, 163 71 Solna) Exact time TBC.

What to pack: TBC.


For terms, see below photos

Please read these terms carefully:


CST (Beaton International AB) is a registered Swedish Tour Operator. As a customer, you are protected by the Package Travel Directive. This means that if a travel package purchased is not executed, within reason, as stated in the travel information, the customer is entitled to refunds. As a customer, it is good to know that Beaton International AB has a “Resegaranti” required by Kammarkollegiet to guarantee client funds in the case of bankruptcy.


COVID-19: CST will follow the recommendations of the Swedish Foreign Ministry (UD). If the Foreign Ministry recommends against travel (during the trip dates), then 14 days and onward before travel you have the right to cancel with a refund. If CST cancels the entire trip, you are also entitled to a refund. The entire agreement and payment terms must be completed in the agreed timelines to be entitled to refunds. 


Insurance: We strongly suggest that you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover all aspects of this trip including loss of funds through cancellations (due to injury or sickness for example), loss of baggage and personal items, personal injury and death, inclement weather clause, pre-existing medical condition waiver. Payment with a credit card often includes comprehensive cover. 


Cancelling your trip: Payments made to CST are not refundable. Your trip is automatically cancelled if payments are not made according to the agreed timeline. You might be liable for the full cost of the trip if you do not cancel in writing according to the original agreement and according to the agreed timeline. 


CST is not liable for injuries of any kind caused by any sport activity during this trip. By signing up for this trip, you understand that there is a certain level of fitness and health required to execute this sport program safely.


CST is not responsible for personal property damage nor personal property theft at any time before, during, or after this trip.


CST is not responsible for changes to the program due to third parties such as SAS or Norwegian; however, as mentioned above, flexibility will be provided wherever possible. 


CST is not directly responsible for flight rescheduling nor cancellations. You must follow the recommendations and procedures of the airline. CST will be helping you with this procedure. 


Some photos may be taken during this trip by Joe Beaton or travel coaches, by participating on this trip you accept that some of these photos may be used on the CST website and/or on some social media platforms.

When signing up for this trip, these terms are assumed agreed upon.

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